Walking Tours Helsinki

Walking Tours Helsinki

We are a high-quality guide service operating in Helsinki and Southern Finland. For all your needs and desires, we can offer a sustainable and sunny solution with a happy professional guide.

Our selection covers several public and private walking tour options from city walks to theme tours. You are also the most welcome to mix any of them with our other sustainable tourism services! Visit the Happy Guide Helsinki website to see the full product range!

All our public tours are in English, but on a private tour we can offer guiding also in Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Finnish and even other languages.

Making inquiries and reservations

First, we would like to know who you are and why you are visiting Finland in order to offer you the happiest guided services in Helsinki. That is reason why our reservations work by email. Please send us an email and let us know on which tour you would like to participate or what are your personal interests and we will promise you an answer within 24 hours!

Welcome to have a real and authentically local experience with us –
the eco-friendly way just like the Finns like it! 🙂

Walking Tours Helsinki

is part of the services by Happy Guide Helsinki, the provider of the happiest and healthiest sustainable tour services in Helsinki and Southern Finland.